Cookie Jar #39: Rolled Sugar Cookies (Part 2)

In this episode, we'll make a delicious decorator's icing and Cindy will also show how to decorate these cookies to look like summer flip-flops!

Decorator's Icing:

● 1-1/2 T. meringue powder (or use 1 egg white)

● 1-1/2 cups powdered sugar

● 3 T. warm water (or 1 t. if using fresh egg white)

● 1/4 t. vanilla or lemon extract

1. In mixer bowl, with whisk attachment, add Meringue powder (or egg white) and powdered sugar.

2. Add warm water and vanilla or lemon extract. Beat on high speed for 7 minutes, until icing is fluffy.

To Decorate Flip Flop Cookies:

1. Divide icing into 3 small bowls. Using cake decorating gel colors, mix 1 bowl of green, 1 bowl of pink, then leave 1 bowl white.

2. Use 3 disposable cake decorating bags and tips and fill as follows: #3 tip (green), #3 tip (pink), #35 tip (white).

3. On cooled cookies, outline the foot with the green icing, then make the strap that goes in between the first 2 toes.

4. Use the pink icing to make the toe nail polish and the white to make a flower on the sandal. You can also put a drop of green or pink in the center of the flower.

5. Let the cookies sit, uncovered, at room temperature until the frosting sets up. You can then transfer them to an air-tight container (I use the parchment I baked them on in between the layers of cookies). The cookies can keep this way for up to 3 weeks at room temperature.

Download pdf recipe for: Rolled Sugar Cookies