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The Cookie Jar

A full cookie jar is one of life’s many pleasures. On this show, your host Cindy Harris will share some of the cookies that her family loves to have in their cookie jar!


Cookie Jar #53: Lemon Snowdrops

Lemon SnowdropsA lemon shortbread-like cookie filled with a thick and delicious lemon filling. Perfect any time of year!

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Cookie Jar #52: Gingerbread Whoopie Pies

Gingerbread Whoopie PiesPerfect for the holidays, these bite-sized whoopie pies have a delicious blend gingerbread and orange. Whoopie!

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Cookie Jar #51: How to Freeze Cookies

If you're planning on making cookies for the holidays or a party, learn how to safely keep them in your freezer so you can make them weeks (or even months!) ahead of time.

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Cookie Jar #50: Cinnamon Leaf Cookies

Cinnamon Leaf CookiesIf you love cinnamon, you'll love these crunchy little cookies!

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Cookie Jar: Haunted Gingerbread House

Haunted Gingerbread HouseEver thought about making a gingerbread house? Check out this "Haunted Gingerbread House" Cindy made and see how you can learn to make one, too!

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Cookie Jar #49: Fresh Apple Cookies

Fresh Apple Cookies Here's a great cookie to make with all those delicious Fall apples! Soft, sweet and full of apple and walnut flavor. Bring on those cold autumn days!

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Cookie Jar #48: Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Chocolate Chip BiscottiBiscotti are a delicious Italian cookie and they are fantastic made with chocolate and walnuts!

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Cookie Jar #47: Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

Caramel Thumbprint CookiesPerfect for caramel lovers! These cookies are crispy, but have a delicious chewy caramel center.

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Cookie Jar #46: Lace Cookies

Lace Cookies These are a really unique cookie! They are super thin and crisp, you can eat them as is, make a sandwich cookie from them or dip them in chocolate.

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Cookie Jar #45: Gluten Free (or not!) Almond Cookies

Gluten Free (or not!) Almond CookiesIn this episode, Cindy shares not only a delicious almond cookie, but a gluten free cookie flour mix that can be used in any of The Cookie Jar recipes!

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