Ready for Change #6: Changes in Our Family, Changes in Ourselves

Some things may be ending, but this can mark the beginning of an exciting new time of life for you!

Things to Consider:

1. Be consious about a new routine for yourself.

  •  walk in the morning
  •  do some journal writing with a cup of tea /coffee
  •  spend time thinking about what you'd like your new life to look like

2. Think about hobbies you used to enjoy

  • cooking, gardening, jewlery making
  • playing the piano, guitar
  • think of new things you'd like to learn how to do / go back to school?

3. Connect with people

  • call a friend - go for a walk / have tea / chat on the phone
  • be mindful of what you're talking about (don't get stuck thinking about the past)
  • make plans with your partner
  • think about volunteering
  • take a class 

4. A return to spirituality can spur growth at this phase of life.

  • It's time to make a life for yourself.