Ready for Change #5: Dealing with Anxiety

Bouts of anxiety can pop up out of no where when you're going through the Change. In this episode, Cindy shares some healthy ways to help the situation when it comes up.

Ways to Deal with Anxiety

- see if there is some Twisted Thinking that needs to be looked at (From the INside Out: Episode #39)

- look for triggers & either eliminate them or get assistance from family & friends on dealing with them

- get outside and walk every day

- get enough sleep

- make sure you are eating fresh foods and in bits throughout the day (protein with a little carb)

- vitamin supplements (multi-vitamin, B6, calcium)

- be careful with cold medications

- limit your alcohol

- drink decaffeinated beverages

- make a list of funny movies or TV shows and watch them!

- take time to relax (yoga, meditation, massage, listen to music)

- use breathing techniques (Sigh Breath: Breaths in through nose slowly & evenly; pause and then breathe out through your nose with an l-o-n-g exhale)