Photography Guild #7: Silhouettes & Shadows

Learn to use silhouettes & shadows to add interest & drama to your photographs.

What to do...

1. Look for shadows

2. Choose a strong subject & make it the focus

- Shadow photos are unconventional

- For silhouettes: choose distinctive shapes

3: Turn off the flash

- You want as little light on the front of the subject as possible

4. For Silhouettes: Make sure the light is behind your subject

5. Choose a plain background

6. Composition should be distinct & uncluttered

What your camera should be doing......

In Auto Mode:

1. Trick your camera by pointing it to the brightest part of the picture and then pressing the shutter down half way (it will be focusing and the same time).

2. Without letting go, move the camera back to framing your shot and finish taking the photo.

In Manual Mode:

1. Start by taking a photo in auto mode and see what the aperture and shutter speed settings are.

2. Subject too light? Make the shutter speed longer.

3. Subject out of focus? Stop your f/stop up for a deeper depth of field.