Photography Guild #6: Travel Photography

Ideas to help you get the most of your photographic adventures!

Things to put in your notebook:

- Jot down reminders of what you’ve learned:

- Composition: (Rule of Thirds, high & low angles, Fill the Frame, Texture, Lines, Symmetry, Wide Angle, Close-Up, Panorama)

- Aperture: (Take same shot using Shallow (f/2) & Deep (f/22) Depth of Field)

- ISO: (Outside - shoot at ISO 100/200. Inside -shoot at ISO 800/1600)

- Macro: (World of the very small & details we can’t see with naked eye)

- Shutter Speed: (To freeze motion- 1/500. Blur motion - 1/15)

- Jot down Basic Shot List:

- views of the city (from high vantage?)

- time of the year

- icons (in interesting ways)

- architecture (old & new)

- economy (how do these people make $)

- transportation

- education

- sports

- art & culture (an artist, gallery, musician)

- history (different periods of history)

- religion

- food (what they eat & drink)

- people (young, old, rich, poor)

- socialization

- night time / sunset

- signs

- writing

Note: Put a number of elements in one shot!

- Create and jot down a Shot List for the City

Create your own notebook pdf