On the Side #11: Waldorf Salad

Fresh pineapple, apple and celery make up this delicious salad. (And it's wonderful served with a traditional Turkey dinner!)

- Recipe -

  ● 1 fresh pineapple 

  ● 4 large apples 

  ● 6 stalks celery 

  ● 2/3 cup mayonnaise (lite or regular) 

1. Trim outer layer of pineapple. Place pineapple in large bowl, cut in 1/4s and remove the inner core. Cut pineapple spears into large bits. 

2. Core the apples and cut into a medium-size dice. Add to the pineapple and stir, coating the apple with the the pineapple juices. 

3. Dice the celery into a medium-size dice and add to pineapple-apple mixture. 

4. Stir in the mayonnaise, making sure to mix well. 

Download pdf recipe for: Waldorf Salad