Let's Quilt #33: "Mexicali Rose" Table Topper (Part 5)

In this final episode, Helene and Robin will be showing how to quilt the table topper, using both "stitch in the ditch" and "echo' quilting. Then they'll finish up by binding & labeling the table topper.


14. Layer the backing, batting and topper using adhesive fixative spray

15. Begin quilting by doing "stitch in the ditch" in the seams of the large blocks

16. Secure the rectangular strips by quilting a long curved line using Free Motion Quilting

17. Echo Quilt the white blocks behind the roses using Free Form Quilting

18. Trim the edges of the topper so they are even

19. Make binding by sewing strip scraps together, on a diagonal. Press seams flat, then press in half lengthwise.

Note: To figure out how much binding you will need, measure the outside edges of the topper, then add 10-12 inches.

20. With right sides together, place one edge of binding in center edge of topper. Begin sewing 4-5 inches from edge of binding, mitering the corners as you go around the topper. Once it's stitched down, fold to the back and hand stitch in place.

21. Add label to back by fixing with fusing material and hand stitching in place.