Let's Quilt #27: Tote Bag (Part 2)

In this episode, Helene finishes sewing the tote together!


Step #5: Make straps

----- a. Fold and press; stitch 1/4" on both sides

Step #6: Pin and sew straps in place on tote

----- a. Measure 6-1/2" up from bottom

----- b. Turn bottom edge of strap up 1/2"

----- c. Stop sewing 3" from top edge of tote

Step #7: Sew sides and bottom of tote, right sides together and 1/2" seams (pin straps so they don't get in the way)

Step #8: Sew bottom corners together using 1/2" seams

Step #9: Add pockets to lining, if desired

Step #10: Sew sides & bottom of lining together, leaving 6" opening in bottom

Step #11: Pin lining to tote & stitch 1/2" on top edge

Step #12: Turn out and press

Step #13: Sew bottom opening in lining closed with 1/4" seam

Step #14: Top stitch 1/2" on upper edge of tote

Step #15: Make velcro closure, if desired

Step #16: Make cardboard bottom 

----- a. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom of your tote

----- b. Use a piece of scrap fabric and a glue-stick to cover the cardboard.

----- c. Place in bottom of tote