Let's Quilt #26: Tote Bag (Part 1)

Here's an easy tote bag that can feature any quilt block you make! 


#1: Cut out tote, lining, Pellon, straps and optional inner pocket

#2: Fuse Pellon to wrong side of both pieces of tote fabric

#3: Cut out 2-1/2" squares on bottom of tote and lining pieces. (See "Tote Cutting Diagram")

#4: Pin and sew FRIENDSHIP STAR block onto tote.

a. Find center of tote fabric

- For Tall tote - 7" center

- For Short tote - 9-1/2" center

b. Measure down 3" and pin block for pocket

c. Sew 3 sides of the block, stitching on existing binding seam and backstitching at both top edges.

Tote Cutting Diagram