Let's Quilt #24: Friendship Star (Part 3)

Time to sew the Friendship Star block together!


#3: Make diagonal lines on back of all A1 and A3 squares.

#4: Pin A1 squares onto left side of A4 rectangles. 

#5. Stitch on diagonal lines. (You can chain these pieces together when you sew.)

#6: Trim 1/4" from stitching. Press open.

#7: Pin A3 squares on other side of A4 rectangles. Stitch, trim 1/4" and press open. (Make sure diagonals are going in same direction.)

#8: Pin and stitch A2 and A5 squares together. Press open.

#9: Pin and stitch A2/A5 units to the diagonal units. Press open.

#10: Layout squares, making sure that a navy square is at each corner. (The Block should now be together!)

#11: Take 2 top pieces, place them right-sides together over 2 bottom pieces. Pin, sew and press.

#12. Pin the 2 halves, right sides together, making sure to nest the seams. Stitch and press.