Let's Quilt #20: Helene's Quilts

(Part 1 of 2) In this episode, Helene shares some of the quilts she has made through the years.


"Grandma's Patchwork Star" written & performed by Larry Potts

Quilt Information:

"Lodge Pole Pine" (Wall Hanging) - Eleanor Burns

"Quilts Through The Seasons: Christmas Light" (Wall Hanging) - Dottie Krueger, designer

"Keepsake Quilting Summer Day Sampler" (Quilt) - Lydia Quigley, designer

"The Rabbit Factory Simple Country Sampler" (Quilt) - Lydia Quigley, designer

"The Rabbit Factory Mouse Maze" (Quilt) - Shelley Hilton Pace, Wild Prairie Patterns

"Scrappy Flannel Log Cabin" (Quilt) - Betty Huff, designer

"Stitchin’ Post Patterns Love Letters" (Quilt) - Melinda Bula, designer - Yellow House Designs

"Learn to Quilt - Sampler Quilt" - Kathy Hock & Vicki McGowen, designers,  Quakertown Quilts, Inc.

"Cottage Garden Jacket" - Gail E. Abeloe, designer, Back Porch Press

(Buttons for Jacket)- Dogwood Lane