Let's Quilt #10: Fall Table Runner (Part 6)

Begin quilting the center of the Table Runner.

STEPS we accomplished:

#20: Assemble Quilt Sandwich (a piece of backing, batting and top fabric)

#21: Sew a 1/8" seam all around edge of Table Runner

#22: Layer the table runner (backing, batting and top)

         - Helene used "505 Spray & Fix" to put everything together

#23: Mark lines for center quilting

     a. Measure the length of the center piece; divide by 2; mark center of top and bottom

b. Measure 5" from center on bottom and mark

c. Measure 1-1/4" from center on top and mark; continue marking at 1-1/4" intervals

d. Do the same 1-1/4" marking from 5" mark on bottom

e. Use masking tape to make diagonals

(Place edge of tape on center mark (top) to first 1-1/4" mark (bottom)

f. Continue putting on 7 or 8 strips of masking tape

#24: Stitch sandwich using: walking foot, coordinating bobbin thread and clear filament 

a. Find pleasing stitch length and tension

#25: Begin quilting center by stitching on right edge of masking tape, between strips of tape

#26: Continue marking and stitching diagonal lines

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