Four Season Garden #4: Planting Lettuce in an EarthBox

Now is the time to start thinking about growing some of your own vegetables! To make it easy, Cindy shows how to plant an EarthBox with enough lettuce to last for months to come. So even if you only have a patio, you can now grow some of your own food, too!


Planting an EarthBox with Lettuce:

1. Put casters on bottom of box.

2. Take sticker off black grate; place in bottom of box.

3. Fill corners with potting soil; water to moisten.

4. Place water pipe into front part of box.

5. Fill box (just until 2" from the top) with potting soil.

6. Sprinkle package of Dolomite over soil.

7. Fill the box to the very top with more potting soil.

8. Use hand to make 2" deep trough down the center of the box.

9. Pour package of Fertilizer evenly into the trough.

10. Cover the fertilizer with 2" of potting soil; use hands to make compact mound down the center of the box.

11. Cover box with plastic cover.

12. Use sharp scissors and cut 8 X's  (4 on either side of the fertilizer strip).

13. Place lettuce one lettue seedling into each hole, spreading the plastic open with hands and making opening in soil. Press plant down into hole, pack dirt around it and make sure the plastic is covering the base of the plant.

14. Move container to area it will grow in, then fill water pipe with water until it begins to drain out the bottom. Spray the plants lightly with water.

15. Check the water level in the EarthBox each day.



Plants in Cindy's Garden:

- Tulips

- Star Magnolia Tree

- Plum Tree

- Cherry Tree

- Gazanias

- Ferns

- Primrose

- Pink & White Azaleas

Vegetables & Herbs:

- Lettuce

- Strawberries

- Dill

- Parsley

- Cilantro

- Chives

- Tarragon

- Thyme

- Rosemary