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Farmers' Market Gourmet

Start eating more locally by using fresh fruits and vegetables from the Farmers’ Market. Join host Cindy Harris as she shows you some great recipes that use what ever is in season!


Farmers' Market #38: Roasted Broccoli

Roasted BroccoliFresh broccoli is fantastic roasted in the oven, but add a little something special with Pollen Ranch Zensational pollen spice blend.

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Farmers' Market #37: Apple Brown Betty

Apple Brown BettyWhen all you have is some apples and bread on hand, do what folks in Colonial America did; make an Apple Brown Betty! This dessert has amazing apple flavor and is not as sweet as a crisp or a crumble.

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Farmers' Market #36: Homemade Applesauce

Homemade ApplesauceWhen the apples are plentiful, it's time to make a batch (or 2) of applesauce! Smooth or chunky? Cindy will show you how to make both in this episode.

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Farmers' Market #35: Summer Fruit Crisp

Summer Fruit CrispCindy is cooking this amazing fruit crisp in the wood oven, but you could also do it in your kitchen oven. Use any ripe summer fruit you have on hand and you will have a delicious dessert for your friends and family.

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Farmers' Market Gourmet #34: Vanilla Orange Marmalade

Vanilla Orange MarmaladeJust pure orange goodness, with a dash of vanilla! Cindy has gotten rid of the traditional bitterness found in most marmalades, so look out strawberry jam! You may have some competition for that morning piece of toast!

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Farmers' Market #33: Asparagus Tart 

Asparagus Tart Early Spring at the Farmers' Market means lots of fresh asparagus! This tart is quick and easy to put together and the flavor is amazing. 

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Farmers' Market Gourmet #32: Braised Greens

Braised GreensWhen winter greens like chard and kale are plentiful at the Farmers' Market, get a big bunch and bring them home! Braising the greens in tomatoes makes them tender and so delicious.

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Farmers' Market Gourmet #31: Broccoli Mushroom Kugel

Broccoli Mushroom KugelFarm fresh broccoli and mushrooms paired with spinach fettuccine and a fantastic, low fat sauce make for a delicious vegetarian dish!

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Farmers' Market Gourmet #30: Apple Pie Squares

Apple Pie SquaresIf you love apple pie, you'll love these squares! They are easy to make, taste like the best apple pie EVER and use the wonderfully delicious and fresh apples that are in season. I've even included a variation to make these an Apple-Cherry Pie square. (You're welcome!)

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Farmers' Market Gourmet #29: Pesto

PestoPesto is easy to make and is great to store in the freezer. That way you can have it on hand all year round to add to soups, breads, salads and pasta!

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