Come For Tea #33: Orange Curd

Fresh orange juice and zest makes this curd delicious on scones. (Perhaps the Orange Black Currant Scones in the previous episode?)

- Recipe -

● 1/2 cup sugar

● 2 T. cornstarch

● 1/2 cup water

● 4 egg yolks

● 1 T. orange zest (about 2 oranges)

● 1/2 cup fresh orange juice

● 1-1/2 T. butter, cut into 4 pieces

1. Mix the sugar, cornstarch and water in a small saucepan. Bring mixture to simmer over medium heat, whisking frequently as mixture begins to thicken. When mixture starts to simmer and get really thick, whisk in the egg yolks, zest, then orange juice, and finally butter. (You will want to work pretty quickly!)

2. Bring the mixture back to a simmer, whisking constantly, then remove from heat. Transfer curd into a small bowl and let it sit on the counter until lukewarm, about 30 minutes. Then cover and refrigerate until chilled through.

Great on scones!

Download pdf recipe for: Orange Curd