Come For Tea #12: San Francisco Tea (Sweets)

Part 2 of 3: Wonderful San Francisco inspired sweets for the tea tray!

- Recipes -

North Beach: Tiramisu Bites


  • ¼ cup cold espresso coffee 
  • 1 T. dark rum 
  • pound cake 
  • 3 oz. mascarpone cheese 
  • 2 t. sugar 
  • pinch salt 
  • 3 T. heavy cream 
  • 1 t. vanilla 
  • 1 t. dark rum 
  • cocoa powder 
  • piece of chocolate (to grate) 



1. In a small bowl, mix espresso and 1 T. dark rum. Set aside. 

2. Cut pound cake into ¼ inch slices. Putting 2 pieces together, trim the edges. Then cut the rectangle in ½, to make squares. 

3. Lay the cake squares out and spoon some of the espresso-rum mixture on each square. 

4. At mixer, cream together the mascarpone cheese, sugar, salt, heavy cream, vanilla, & rum. 

5. Use 2 teaspoons and place dollops of the mascarpone cheese mixture on half of the cake squares. Sprinkle cocoa powder over the tops, then place the other cake squares on top. 

6. Place another dollop of cheese on top of each cake. Grate some chocolate on top of each to garnish. 

7. Refrigerate until ready to serve. 



  •  sliced oranges


  • Ghirardelli Chocolate squares 


  • Fortune Cookies


  •  Pu-Erh Hummingbird’s Nest 

San Francisco Tea (Sweets) pdf