Bead Workshop #2: Beads and Findings

Learn about some of the different types of beads and findings that are used when making jewelry, along with some great storage containers for both. Cindy also shares some ideas on how to choose the colors for your beaded projects.

Types of Beads:

  • Glass
  • Gemstone (jade, turquoise, quartz, Tiger's Eye)
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Organic (shell, wood, pearl)
  • Pendants & Charms   

Choosing Colors:

 - Color Wheel 

1. Analogous (2 or 3 colors side by side on the color wheel)

 2. Monochromatic (colors of a single hue)

 3. Complimentary (opposite colors on the color wheel)

-  Nature

 1. Flowers

 2. Leaves